Jordan Stephens is a front-end and ruby developer currently living in New York City

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This is so cool: images of Philae drifting across the comet…
This is what happened to make the comet rendezvous and landing possible: Rosetta orbit insertion, Philae deployment

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For a four hour flight, this is some pretty shady UX

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loving the new Ormonde record out today —…

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Classic Houston
It's been a difficult week for spaceflight: "Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suffers anomaly during test flight"…

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Taking a crisp lunchtime walk with Bill today
So sad to see this video of today's Antares anomaly. I hope they can recover and get back to flight quickly.
Cannot get enough of this song this week

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It feels like October!
Dreaming a Different Apollo…
San Antonio

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Home for a minute

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Cosmic Church
That awkward moment when your flight lands and one guys starts clapping... all by himself...

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Microsoft announces Windows 10, "This is What We Should Have Done With Windows 8" Edition™
So good
The Houston Chronicle continues it's series "Adrift" with a segment on "new space"

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Expose BurstStruct::Burst#keys

27th St.
There's something incredibly special about New York City on a cool and cloudy day
As a reader, how am I supposed to use pull-quotes? Do you really want me to read this twice?

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[#19 to develop branch] Expose BurstStruct::Burst#keys

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div table
gotta love a good "TV Truck Schedule"
The Western Union and AT&T Long Lines Buildings
if you guys ever just want to laugh for a few minutes…
Images of NASA's Curiosity Rover before and after two years on Mars