Jordan Stephens is a front-end and ruby developer currently living in New York City


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Broome Street at West Broadway
Dreary Gramercy

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Pretty exciting to see fins from this test in June make it onto the CRS flight next month
Bottom of Madison Ave.
This is so cool: images of Philae drifting across the comet…

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This is what happened to make the comet rendezvous and landing possible: Rosetta orbit insertion, Philae deployment
For a four hour flight, this is some pretty shady UX

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loving the new Ormonde record out today —…

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Classic Houston
It's been a difficult week for spaceflight: "Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suffers anomaly during test flight"…

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Taking a crisp lunchtime walk with Bill today

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So sad to see this video of today's Antares anomaly. I hope they can recover and get back to flight quickly.
Cannot get enough of this song this week

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It feels like October!
Dreaming a Different Apollo…

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San Antonio
Home for a minute

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Cosmic Church
That awkward moment when your flight lands and one guys starts clapping... all by himself...
Microsoft announces Windows 10, "This is What We Should Have Done With Windows 8" Edition™
So good
The Houston Chronicle continues it's series "Adrift" with a segment on "new space"
27th St.
There's something incredibly special about New York City on a cool and cloudy day
As a reader, how am I supposed to use pull-quotes? Do you really want me to read this twice?
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