My name is Jordan Stephens; I am a web developer currently living in New York City.

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From Montjuïc
Three Bags Full
Herbie Hancock
A Ghost Is Born

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Praises! — Apple to replace "Helvetica Neue" with in-house "San Francisco" font in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11…
Hello Barcelona

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Sad day
bim bom bim bim bom
Waltz For Debby [Original Jazz Classics Remasters] (OJC Remaster)
Bill Evans Trio
The Fashion Focus
Starflyer 59

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Happy accident
Damn—a lot happening tomorrow in American Space: @torybruno to announce ULA's NGLS, then @SpaceX to launch CRS-6 and attempt landing again.
President Street

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Brandenburg Concertos
Johann Sebastian Bach
"Developers increasingly prefer spaces as they gain experience."…
This ES6 style guide from @Airbnb is a nice way to discover new ES6 features and how to use them well.…
September In The Rain
George Shearing

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I needed a bunch of VINs for different cars, so I just released a rubygem to make finding them a bit less tedious.…
This is going to sound stupid, but my favorite part of the new Sufjan record is the last ~30 seconds of this song…
Bossa Nova Master, Vol. 1
João Gilberto
My Foolish Heart (Live in Buenos Aires 1975)
Bill Evans Trio
Did @twitter just disable right-click on their web interface? Why? I can't imagine what benefit could possibly fall out of that.