My name is Jordan Stephens; I am a web developer currently living in New York City.


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First time playing Overland and I already have two dogs! Wow! Great game @FinjiCo
friendly gravity assist…
Hey @nprone if you're going to play these annoying "please log in" segments, stop forgetting my session! I have to log in almost every time!
"Selfish Art" Station
Noah Gundersen
Carry the Ghost (Deluxe Edition)
Noah Gundersen
Explorations (Remastered)
Bill Evans Trio
So smooth this time!…
I love this house. It feels like it was teleported into Brooklyn out of the Pacific Northwest—trees and everything.

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@quatermain Sorry for the late response, I must have missed the notification. This results seems reasonable. The readme explains how this method works: > The similarity method returns a value between 0 and 1, with 0 being identical and 1 being as dissimilar as possible. So with these two colors being very similar, a similarity value close to 0 is not surprising. If the number was close to 1, then that would suggest an issue with the code. I hope that helps.

Good sky today
Good to be back at it

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The Moon Rang Like a Bell
Hundred Waters
Afternoon walk
Need to revisit this @andyshauf performance from time to time. If you need me, I'll be on the floor for a bit.
Afraid of Ghosts
Butch Walker

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whoa this game is beautiful and holy cow this website! @camposanto
Not too bad

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Snowy Broadway Alley
Finally found a way to fix the audio "pop" in my toy clojurescript synth (at least in chrome/safari, ff still pops)

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damn. today's falcon 9 landing:
I like how @TheRyanAdams seems to have brought his nightstand on stage for his Austin City Limits set. Cozy touch 👌
Mulberry Street Mountains
Playing with clojurescript lately, toying with a little computer keyboard synthesizer using web audio. Check it out:
Trying to Dallas without a car
Dreary Dallas