My name is Jordan Stephens; I am a web developer currently living in New York City.

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Damn—a lot happening tomorrow in American Space: @torybruno to announce ULA's NGLS, then @SpaceX to launch CRS-6 and attempt landing again.
President Street
I Forget Where We Were
Ben Howard
"Developers increasingly prefer spaces as they gain experience."…
This ES6 style guide from @Airbnb is a nice way to discover new ES6 features and how to use them well.…
I needed a bunch of VINs for different cars, so I just released a rubygem to make finding them a bit less tedious.…

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1 7 8 Update README to have valid info about generating palettes from color

Lost in the Dream
The War On Drugs
This is going to sound stupid, but my favorite part of the new Sufjan record is the last ~30 seconds of this song…
Did @twitter just disable right-click on their web interface? Why? I can't imagine what benefit could possibly fall out of that.
Israel Nash performs "Rain Plans" on the roof of Electric Lady Studios
Olga Bell
Oscar Peterson Plays The George Gershwin Songbook
Oscar Peterson
dreaming of summer
Wow, that was beautiful — Falcon 9/DSCOVR launch from a few minutes ago

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Holy cow, thanks for this fix! It's incredibly embarrassing that the readme has had this error for three years. Wow. 🎯


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This Will Destroy You — New Topia
rediscovering David Ramirez this weekend
Falcon 9 DSCOVR launch and second landing attempt at 6:10p EST This was the first attempt
Everything All The Time
Band Of Horses
The Whole Love (Deluxe Edition)
Back in snowy New York City — Spring and Mulberry.
Bye California. 😭 I'll be back soon!
hot damn, this new Lone Bellow record is beautiful

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I'm not keen on the details of this specific conversion method which you have presented, but I was under the impression that translation from RGB to CMYK was in general not a good idea—or at the very least, not so simple. The reason for this being that the total spectrum of color represented in each space is not the same. In other words, there are colors which may be represented with RGB, but which cannot be represented with CMYK—and vice versa. The simplicity of the function above suggests that this consideration has not been taken into account, or that the results may be skewed, or that the results may be otherwise incorrect. It seems like there must be some case where the result would have to be undefined, or an exception would need to be raised. For now, I don't think I am confident enough to implement such a conversion strategy to a degree of quality which would be satisfactory. I'm happy to hear more thoughts on this, however—maybe I'm wrong.

Groundhog Day in California. Lol.
Good morning from Los Angeles