Jordan Stephens is a front-end and ruby developer currently living in New York City


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@marcandre should I submit this to the ruby issue tracker over at ? Is there any hope of this getting merged from here on github?


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Awesome, thanks!

Israel Nash performs "Rain Plans" on the roof of Electric Lady Studios
dreaming of summer
Little Dragon
Little Dragon
All This Wandering Around
Ivan & Alyosha

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2 72 17 allow sessionStorage to be used instead of localStorage

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Wow, that was beautiful — Falcon 9/DSCOVR launch from a few minutes ago
This Will Destroy You — New Topia
The Mirror
Jill Andrews
Mimicking Birds
The Alchemy Index: Vols. III & IV: Air & Earth

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rediscovering David Ramirez this weekend
Falcon 9 DSCOVR launch and second landing attempt at 6:10p EST This was the first attempt
Dark Eyes
Half Moon Run
Young and Foolish.
Bill Evans Trio

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Back in snowy New York City — Spring and Mulberry.
Bye California. 😭 I'll be back soon!
hot damn, this new Lone Bellow record is beautiful
Manhã de Carnaval
João Gilberto
A Tábua De Esmeralda (1974)
Jorge Ben
Wild Nothing

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Groundhog Day in California. Lol.
Good morning from Los Angeles
Need It
Half Moon Run
The Black Keys

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@russfrisch do you have an ETA for getting 2.8 up on rubygems?


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So long San Francisco. You are amazing. See you again soon.
So blue
This is insane
Lost Loves
Minus The Bear
Bossa Nova
George Shearing

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New favorite place
Nevermind, lol
Good morning San Francisco
The Stand-In
Caitlin Rose
Three Bags Full
Herbie Hancock

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still feels super crazy to push and deploy code from 30k ft ✈️
Phosphene Dream
The Black Angels
Another Language
This Will Destroy You

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Thanks for releasing an update so quickly! 🌟

Goodbye blizzard coast
supposed to fly to SFO tomorrow, NYC says fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Israel Nash's Rain Plans
Israel Nash
Sébastien Tellier
Way It Is, Way It Could Be
The Weather Station

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1 17918 14939 Upgrade lodash to 3.1.0

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East 12th Street
It's amazing that these are the best images that we have of Pluto (from Hubble; taken 2002–03)
Cold Roses
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Acoustics II
Minus The Bear

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Vine of @SpaceX's rocket landing attempt from last weekend. Holy—
For all your wintry mix music needs

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Flight attendant demands that large items be secured away for takeoff then places her huge purse in the empty seat next to me and walks away
DFW -> SAT and this plane is way less than half full. An empty flight is the best flight.
Nice door — Park Avenue South at 38th Street

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Every time I revisit this record, I get totally lost in it—every track.
School of The Future — East 22nd Street